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Rupert Scott BMus

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Rupert Scott, who has died from complications arising from treatment for lymphoma.

Rupert studied at King's College, London, and then at the Royal Academy of Music, before embarking on a career as a professional musician. For 25 years he enjoyed a distinguished career as an orchestral violinist, latterly with Opera North, and as a composer. Feeling that he had achieved all he could as an instrumentalist, and beginning to experience some of the aches and pains all too familiar to many violinists, Rupert decided to concentrate on what he regarded as his second career, teaching violin playing and a range of musical appreciation courses. In turn this developed into Rupert's 'third career' as a lecturer and tour director for ACE Cultural Tours.

Rupert joined ACE in 1998, leading the tours Haydn in Eisenstadt, Music in Leipzig, Risør Music Festival and Christmas in Vienna. In the next 14 years Rupert went on to lead nearly 150 tours, developing many new itineraries that embraced some of Europe's premier classical music festivals. Orkney's St Magnus Festival was an early favourite but Rupert had wide ranging tastes, from the baroque to Shostakovich, via Haydn, Mozart, Wagner and Verdi. In recent years Rupert particularly enjoyed taking ACE groups to the West Cork Chamber Music Festival, where the quality and variety of music-making were always a source of delight. Rupert was a gifted lecturer who inspired hundreds if not thousands of people with his knowledge and enthusiasm.

In 2004 Rupert became a trustee of the ACE Foundation, the parent charity of ACE Cultural Tours. Whilst naturally keen to promote music education, Rupert had a keen intellect and broad knowledge of the arts which made him an excellent asset to the organisation. He was a trustee during the period in which we purchased our new home at Bury Farm and was very supportive of our plans to create a new study centre for arts and music. Rupert was keen to support young musicians and an ACE scholarship scheme was set up with this purpose in mind. The most recent recipients have been the Gildas Quartet, who as a result enjoyed the opportunity to play and attend master classes at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival.

Rupert will be greatly missed by all of us at ACE and by the many people who travelled with him and who were fortunate enough to share his endless enthusiasm and love for music.